Every Piece of Jewellery Tells a Story


Everyone has a story to tell. You are the storyteller and we are your audience.


Every rose has its thorns. Let us share the veracity of the facets of diamonds and gemstones with you.


Every creation is exclusive. We craft the jewellery to the chapters of your story.

The House of Draco Diamonds

Our story begins with a Draco pendant. In many ways, it is a memento, as well as a romantic insignia of a man and his passion for the jewellery craft.  A legacy passed down.

Based in Singapore, Draco Diamonds was started off in the backyard office – specializing in bespoke and customized engagement rings and wedding bands. Forever excited listening to love stories, we focus on making the engagement ring meaningful. Together, we’ll walk you through each phase of the journey. It includes selecting the ideal diamond, customizing the design, prototyping in 3D, and crafting. During the journey, we will pass on the knowledge and know-how of buying diamonds as well.

And the results… a customized engagement ring that is both meaningful and affordable.

Diamond Education

During the first chapter of our journey at Draco Diamonds, diamond education is our priority.  By understanding the different facets of the diamond, it allows us to get the most value out of the purchase.

For starters, visit our knowledge-based blog to read our articles on Diamond Cut, Clarity, Colour, and Carat Weight.




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