A love story, a customized engagement ring, a personalized ring box, and a planned trip. It took 45 days to design and another 30 days to craft. We met in March, to discuss the main highlight of his proposal, the engagement ring. I remember we explored many concepts and decided on using the compass as the key motif for the ring design.

The Love Story of Leon and Siying

In early August 2019, we conducted a photoshoot session with the quirky and lovable couple. As we chat, we realized they’ve been through a very long journey together and will continue till forever. The format this time is a little different from the previous love memoirs. They are posted with the same set of questions, but instead of discussing together, they give us their perspectives separately. This is the love story of Leon and Siying, with the compass that always points North.

How did you get to know each other?

L: Through our Poly camp. *Laughs*

S: We met in Poly, through one of our Student Union’s camps. We were both approaching our 2nd year at the time but never crossed paths until we were grouped as GLs (group leaders). From then on, we started texting privately… Heh.

What is your first impression of him/her?

L: Met her the first time through a singing audition and I’m the judge because, obviously, I am a better singer than her. Everyone around me was talking about how good she was, but I couldn’t be bothered. It all changed when she started singing during her audition, I was mesmerized by her voice. But more importantly, she’s cute!

S: Noisy. HAHAHA. He was the joker of the group, so he struck me as chatty and humorously nonsensical. But his energy was always very positive, which drew me to him.

Who asked for the first date and how did it go?

L: I asked for the first date. We went out for a picnic and movie. That’s why picnic became our thing.

S: I’m pretty sure he asked me on our first date. I can’t remember the details though! Hahaha. We went on a picnic at the Botanic Gardens – packed some sushi and dessert, but ended up hiding and eating under the shade because the weather was scorching hot. I think we still have polaroid from that day. But it was a great day, we talked and laughed a lot. It was pure, simple, and surely enough to warrant a second date!

When did you realize that you’ll want to spend the rest of your life together?

L: I’ve always wanted a lady whom I can spend the rest of my life together with. Indeed, Siying was my first love and I am really happy that she’s not only my first but also my last. I can’t pinpoint a particular moment that I realized it. As time goes by, I feel that she becomes a part of my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

S: It was probably built up over the years, but after we made it through long-distance while I was at University, talks of the future kicked into gear. We can always be 100% honest with one another, constantly supportive of each other, growing together – which, to me, are crucial to a lasting relationship.

He’s the light in my life and I’ve learnt so much from him. Despite starting as very different people, we have similar goals and values in life. I see him as a life partner, on top of being a person I love deeply. It’s hard to imagine doing life with anyone but him.

To Leon: What was the inspiration behind the engagement ring?

L: She always love to travel and we dream to explore the world together, therefore I decided to have a compass as part of the ring design. A compass is a promise to her for finding our direction in life together. It also symbolizes guidance as she is always the one pointing me in the right direction.

To Siying: What are your thoughts about the engagement ring?

S: I looove it! It was more than I could have ever asked for. The meaning behind the design was everything, and not forgetting that little compass detail on the back of the ring. You guys really nailed it together – Leon’s thought and effort, and Draco Diamond’s impeccable precision and eye for design. My friends and family have praised the ring for how beautiful it is, and more than that, many of them have told me how fitting the ring is for me and my personal style – and that means so much more. So, thank you for this treasured piece I’ll hold onto for life.

Once again, our heartiest congratulations to Leon and Siying!

This is yet another beautiful happily-ever-after recorded in our Memoirs of Love, where we feature some of the love stories that we have collected. Stayed tuned for more love stories!

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