On the 29 May 2019, the journey started from the love of Champagne Gold and an Instagram (IG) direct message. The cute and the lovable couple came to Draco to customize their wedding bands! Colour selection is the main highlight for the pair of wedding band and we ended with almost all the 5 Draco Gold Colours. Beatrice’s band features 18K White, Rose, and Champagne gold while Guo Wei’s band matches 18K Rose Gold with Black Rhodium.

A Love Story - The Cute and the Lovable [Beatrice and Guo Wei] - The funny shot

The Love Story of Beatrice and Guo Wei

The art direction for the shoot was to portray how they were usually like when they are in the world of their own. The location of the shoot is at none other than the hippy Tiong Bahru estate. We were very grateful when we see them lugging a huge bag to bring a spare wardrobe and props for the shoot. The interview format is the same as the previous round, where each of them sends me their answers secretly. Let us all take a sneak peek of the cute and the lovable love story.

A Love Story - The Cute and the Lovable [Beatrice and Guo Wei] - Tiong Bahru

How did you meet/get to know each other?

B: We met each other in secondary school when I was 13. He was my senior and we were both student councillors. I used to hang out with seniors quite often and he was always in the circle but he never really talked to me 😆 after graduation we got a little closer but always hanging out in a group too.

GW: I actually got to know her when we were in secondary school. Back then, she was one of my CCA senior’s girlfriend.

How do you feel during your first official date?

B: WEIRD. Hahaha, we were friends for 10 years so it’s definitely very weird for me. It’s also exciting because we are exploring a whole new another side of us.

GW: For our first official date, we went to Sea Aquarium and had HDL for dinner. It kinda felt different but really awesome because officially, we were going out as a couple instead of going out as friends. It was a wonderful date.

A Love Story - The Cute and the Lovable [Beatrice and Guo Wei] - The flower shot

Who is the first person to say “I love you”?

B: Him 🤣

GW: Me. After all, I was the one doing the chasing. 🌚

Which quality/characteristic makes him/her irresistible for you?

B: He’s very sweet and a gentleman to everyone, not just to me. I also like very family-oriented men, he’s very filial from what I could tell at that time 😂

GW: Her character, her smile, her laughter.

A Love Story - The Cute and the Lovable [Beatrice and Guo Wei] - The heart shape hand

When did you realize that you’ll want to spend the rest of your life together?

B: When we first fought or had disagreements in the initial stage of our relationship, he could calm down and resolve the issue with me patiently. I felt that he was very mature and someone whom I can see spending and entrusting my whole life with ☺

GW: As we were together for quite some time, it felt really comfortable to be in a relationship with her and ultimately, I knew that I want to spend the rest of my life with her.

Tell us about your inspiration behind the wedding band designs?

B: It’s mainly aesthetics la 🤣 but we are both practical and simple people. He’s an engineer so we discussed and didn’t want something too flashy; we wanted something that looks timeless like our love 🤢

GW: Beatrice did most of the designing HAHA. I only helped choose the colour for our rings 😂

A Love Story - The Cute and the Lovable [Beatrice and Guo Wei] - The ring

What is your dream wedding like?

B: Fun! Something that has arcade machines and lots of snacks like ice-cream or Rösti before the banquet hahaha. I want my guests to enjoy themselves and not be hungry after dinner.

GW: Well, I don’t have a dream wedding in mind yet but I know for the both of us, we’ll make it as fun as possible. That’s the most important right! Not to be cheesy or what but, as long as my wedding consists of Beatrice, that’s my dream wedding already!

Once again, our heartiest congratulations to Beatrice and Guo Wei!

This is yet another beautiful happily-ever-after recorded in our Memoirs of Love, where we feature some of the love stories that we have collected. Stayed tuned for more love stories!

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