We first met on a Wednesday evening in July 2019 to discuss Eunice’s engagement ring design. The design revolves around a Blue Sapphire cabochon and the first meeting with Leon and Eunice was fun. We kind of found some similarities between us, especially so when my own love story is also a modern one.

A Sporty Encounter

The art direction for this shoot is to showcase the interaction and synergy between them. The shoot was set at the National Stadium at the Singapore Sports Hub. Read on for their love story and how the bespoke engagement ring came alive.  

How did you first meet each other?

L: It’s the typical modern-day love story, with the help of technology, through Coffee Meets Bagel. Hahaha

E: Exactly what Leon says. Modern love story 😂

How did you feel during your first official date?

L: Awkward, surprised, and excited.

E: Can’t help but to feel awkward, a date which I almost backed out (L: Woahhhh)

What’s the most memorable moment about him/her?

L: The first time we met, her hair was wet, she was barefooted, putting on makeup in my car.

E: Days where he buys durians for me even after I’ve been eating it for a week straight 😬

Which quality/characteristic makes you attracted to him/her?

L: Confident and independent

E: Charismatic and an absolute gentleman (chivalry ain’t dead)

How do you feel about the proposal?

L: Nervous, super nervous. Didn’t know if it was the right time or place to do it. But, when is there ever a right time, right?

E: I knew it was going to happen but didn’t know the details 🙊

What’s your inspiration behind the engagement ring design?

L: Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! We both knew that she wasn’t the type to go for the standard gold or silver rings with a diamond in the centre. Going for a gemstone was “her style”. The tiered setting enhances the look of the gemstone, and we like that idea of the gemstone being the “star of the show”.  It was tough thinking of the design though, thankful for the advice from Draco.

E: We pluck and pieced many photos and designs from Pinterest and shared our ideas to Draco. Honestly love how it looks!

Tell us about your dream honeymoon

L: This one’s tough. There’s central Europe, eastern Europe, Japan, Maldives and we both really like Australia and New Zealand. I guess the dream honeymoon for us, might come down to simply the sun, sand and sea.

E: Sun, sand and sea!

Once again, our heartiest congratulations to Leon and Eunice!

This is yet another beautiful happily-ever-after recorded in our Memoirs of Love, where we feature some of the love stories that we have collected. Stayed tuned for more love stories!

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