What does Diamond Fluorescence really mean - Blog post
Diamond Fluorescence

What Does Diamond Fluorescence Really Mean?

“Is it good to have diamond fluorescence… actually, I don’t know what it really means.” This is the most frequently asked question we get when we discuss diamonds. There is just too much confusion among consumers and jewellers alike. The reason is that this is a largely misunderstood topic. About 35% of all gem-quality diamonds fluoresce. Some jewellers feel that it is a bad gemological characteristic and advise to stay away from them. Others feel Read more…

Ring Finger | Draco Diamonds Engagement Rings
Engagement Ring

Ring Finger: Which Hand Does the Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Go On?

Ring Finger: Is It the Ring Hand or the Left Hand? Most people know that the engagement ring and wedding band goes on the fourth finger, which is also called the ring finger. But it starts to get confusing when we try to figure out which hand do they go on! We don’t really think about this question until the time when it is our turn to wear them. Recently, a friend of mine proposed Read more…

Engagement Ring Budget Tips

Engagement Ring Budget Tips: 8 Ways to Save Money

So, you’ve finally made the decision to propose to your girlfriend. Heartiest congratulations! Here on starts the journey that will lead your beloved and you to that special day, the wedding. But before you choose the wedding venue, the guests to invite (and which relatives to ignore), apply for BTO etc., she got to say ‘Yes!’ And for that, you got to propose. Now you’ll start to look for engagement ring budget tips. This reminds me Read more…

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring

There is Beauty in Simplicity A truly inspirational woman, Coco Chanel, once said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Some ladies enjoy complex and intricate engagement ring designs. While there are others who appreciate the simplicity and prefers the minimalistic approach. There is no right answer and it is simply a matter of personal taste. The popular solitaire engagement ring is an epitome of elegance. This refined ring setting put the spotlight on Read more…

Top 10 Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

Top 10 Diamond Shapes for Engagement Rings

What does Diamond Shapes mean? When buying a diamond engagement ring, there is a multitude of things to consider. After deciding on the budget, the next item on the checklist is most probably the shape of the diamond. Diamond Shapes are usually confused with one of the Diamond 4Cs, the Diamond Cut. The shape of a diamond refers to the physical silhouette of a diamond. The Diamond Cut, on the other hand, refers to how Read more…

3D CAD Customized Engagement Ring
Customized Engagement Ring

Create Your Customized Engagement Ring

A Private Romance The world of products is moving towards customization to fit our needs and preferences. This is especially true for a diamond engagement ring and wedding bands. We want to create THE ring that holds the little ‘insider story’ shared by only you and your partner. While customization makes the ring special, not everyone is getting a customized engagement ring. Why is that so? Sometimes it is hard to communicate what we imagined Read more…

Engagement Ring - The Proposal
Engagement Ring

How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

2 weeks ago, we launched a short survey to find out how much are we expecting to spend on an engagement ring. We have over 300 respondents (52% males and 48% females) in a week from around the region. Thank you for participating in this survey and sharing it with friends and family! The results came as a surprise to us, it is totally different from what we have in mind. Let’s find out how Read more…

Clean Diamond Ring
Jewellery Care

How to Clean Diamond Ring at Home

A diamond ring takes the spotlight and sparkles on a few occasions. They dazzle during the proposal, wedding vow, and for some, the first day you wore it to work. What comes next is the demanding lifestyle that keeps you so busy that you do not have time to care about it anymore. Then comes the day where you want to wear the ring again and find that it looks dull. The diamond ring has Read more…

Diamond Ring

What Does Diamond Carat Really Mean?

Whenever my friends and I talked about diamond jewelleries, there were always 2 main confusions about the Diamond Carat. Confusion number one is the concepts of carat and karat. Confusion number two is the idea that it equates to the size of the diamond. Let us find out what Diamond Carat really mean. Diamond Carat versus Karat While shopping for a jewellery,  the salesperson or designer will use the terms Carat and Karat quite often. Read more…