Our Story – The House of Draco

Our story begins with a Draco pendant. In many ways, it is a memento, as well as a romantic insignia of a man and his passion for the craft.  A legacy passed down. The pendant is one of its kind, an eastern dragon holding on to diamonds.

“Out of habit, I rub my thumb on the pendant, feeling the polished gold and its exquisite details. The funny thing is, it feels cold in my hand but warm in my heart. Perhaps I felt your presence, perhaps I felt your love. It is authentic, and it is overwhelming.”

We want to continue the legacy. Be it a mythical creature or the name of a constellation, the Draco pendant constantly reminds us of the values we want to imbue in all the fine jewelleries we craft.


In most stories, dragons have a very long lifespan, and in some, is almost equivalent to a deity’s lifespan. And so do our jewelleries. We craft them without the end in mind — high-quality fine jewelleries that can be passed down for generations.


Since ancient times, dragons were symbolic in many cultures around the world. Each culture has their own story and representation of this mythical creature. So do we. Each of us has our own story and we want to record the important milestones of our lives, sometimes through jewelleries. Some of the milestones include the engagement, wedding, our first bonus, anniversaries, and the list goes on. And we want to capture that story and create the engagement ring, or the wedding band, or the pendant, that is truly yours.


Individually, it is just a star. But together, they form a constellation. The Draco Constellation was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer, Ptolemy. And it remained as one of the 88 modern constellations. Through the contributions of every team member, we are able to create masterpieces.

  • A gemmologist who curates and find the best diamonds and gemstones
  • A designer who marries traditional techniques with modern technology
  • An artisan who crafts the jewellery to perfection
  • And a listener who understands your story

The name of our brand, Draco Diamonds, is translated from the pendant, a dragon holding on to diamonds.

We welcome you to the House of Draco!