Classic Entwine Engagement Ring

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0.60-carat diamond shown with Classic Entwine Engagement Ring.
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The Classic Entwine Engagement Ring is loved by the ladies. This design achieved a fine balance between style and shine.

The engagement ring features an entwine ring band, set with melee diamonds on just one of the bands. The feature diamond is set in a classic 4-prong setting which sits in the middle of the entwined bands.

The classic entwine engagement ring is suitable for feature diamond of 0.40-carat and above. In addition, the number of prongs of the crown setting can be adjusted in accordance with the size of the feature diamond. The ring is available in both 18K gold and platinum.

Available in:
White Gold Engagement Ring Color Platinum   White Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K White Gold    Rose Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K Rose Gold
Black Gold Engagement Ring Color Rhodium   Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K Yellow Gold   Champagne Gold 18K Champagne Gold

*As every diamond is unique, price varies with other gemological characteristics beyond the 4Cs. Only a fraction of diamonds ever meet Draco’ strict quality requirements.

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Feature diamond: 0.60-carat | Ring size: 5.5 US
      Classic Entwine Engagement Ring (Sketch) - Draco Diamonds

      Story of the Classic Entwine Engagement Ring

      “We wanted to craft an engagement ring that has more details than a solitaire but is still fit for everyday wear.”

      The entwine engagement ring was designed to be comfortable and suitable for everyday wear. The concept is to balance between being sophisticated and sparkle.