Emerald-cut Engagement Ring

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1.50-carat diamond shown with Emerald-cut Engagement Ring.
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The Emerald-cut Engagement Ring brings a fresh look to the usual brilliant-cut diamonds. This engagement ring is part of the Draco Fancy Collection. The Emerald-cut feature diamond is paired with 2 tapered baguette diamonds at the side to complete the look.

The Emerald-cut Engagement Ring is suitable for feature diamond of 0.40-carat and above. The ring is available in both 18K gold and platinum.

Priced from $2,600*

Available in:

White Gold Engagement Ring Color White Gold    Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Color Yellow Gold    Rose Gold Engagement Ring Color Rose Gold
Black Gold Engagement Ring Color Rhodium         White Gold Engagement Ring Color Platinum (subject to availability)

* Price based on a 0.40-carat diamond with the following specifications
Colour: F Clarity: VS2
Polish: Excellent Symmetry: Excellent

As every diamond is unique, price varies with other gemological characteristics beyond the 4Cs. Only a fraction of diamonds ever meet Draco’ strict quality requirements.

Get in touch with us for a broader selection of carat weights and customization.

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Feature diamond: 1.50-carat | Ring size: 5.5 US
      Emerald-cut Engagement Ring (Sketch) - Draco Diamonds

      Story of the Emerald-cut Engagement Ring

      “”The most unique thing about Emerald-cut diamond is the way it shines – much like a mirror within a mirror.”

      The engagement ring’s main attraction is the pairing of the emerald cut diamond with the tapered baguette. Both cutting styles exhibit the same type of shine. Getting the right proportions between the emerald-cut and tapered baguette diamonds is the key to this engagement ring’s beauty.