Solitaire Compass Engagement Ring

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0.50-carat diamond shown with Solitaire Compass Engagement Ring.
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The Solitaire Compass Engagement Ring has always been the quintessential engagement ring. While the trends for other engagement ring settings rise and fall, the solitaire setting has never gone out of fashion.

This timeless engagement ring brings all attention to the brilliance of one single diamond. Aligned with the cardinal point of a compass, the diamond is set on just four prongs, allowing great exposure to light. This results in having greater brilliance and fire, reflected out through the unhindered parts of the diamond.

The solitaire compass engagement ring is suitable for feature diamond of 0.30-carat and above. In addition, this setting is suitable with many diamond shapes. The ring is available in both 18K gold and platinum. 

Available in:
White Gold Engagement Ring Color Platinum White Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K White Gold Rose Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K Rose Gold
Black Gold Engagement Ring Color Rhodium Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K Yellow Gold Champagne Gold 18K Champagne Gold

* As every diamond is unique, price varies with other gemological characteristics beyond the 4Cs. Only a fraction of diamonds ever meet Draco’ strict quality requirements.

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Feature diamond: 0.50-carat | Ring size: 5.5 US
      4-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring-Drawing

      Story of the Prong Setting Solitaire Engagement Ring

      “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” – Coco Chanel

      The prongs were designed to extend from the top of the ring to secure the diamond at its girdle. It anchors the feature diamond while creating an elevated profile. This allows the engagement ring to display the diamond prominently.

      Within the prong setting solitaire engagement rings base design, there are a plethora of styles to choose and customize from. In a survey by The Knot, 21% of the respondents favor solitaire engagement ring.