Blue Sapphire Cufflinks

  • Blue Sapphire Cufflinks (Front View) - Draco Diamonds

Melee blue sapphires and diamonds shown with gentleman cufflinks.

The Blue Sapphire Cufflinks is a gentleman’s statement piece in this collection. The design incorporates melee blue sapphires paired together with round brilliant diamonds.

The cufflinks design features blue sapphires and diamonds in prong set. The devil is in the detail. The prongs holding the blue sapphires are in black rhodium, while the prongs holding the diamonds are in white rhodium.

The blue sapphire cufflinks is suitable for gems between 1.2mm to 1.5mm each. The cufflinks is available in both 18K gold and silver.

Available in:
White Gold Engagement Ring Color  Silver    White Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K White Gold    Rose Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K Rose Gold
Black Gold Engagement Ring Color Rhodium   Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K Yellow Gold   Champagne Gold 18K Champagne Gold

As every gem is unique, price varies with other gemological characteristics beyond the 4Cs. Only a fraction of gems ever meet Draco’ strict quality requirements.

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Story of the Blue Sapphire Set

A french artist, Henri Matisse, painted the blue nude in 1907 and said

“A certain blue enters your soul” – Henri Matisse

Blue is a colour that will always have a special place in our heart. This collection of wedding bands and cufflinks is designed and crafted with the blue sapphire as the anchor.

18K white gold is used to pair with the blue tones to further enhance the coolness. Diamonds are incorporated sparingly to enhance the overall luster of the collection.