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Pavé Wedding Band in female (top) and male styles.
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Pavé Wedding Bands

Pavé comes from a French word that means “to pave”. The diamonds are closely set together, on first glance, it looks like the ring is made up of diamonds stringed together. The pave wedding bands enhance the brilliance and sparkle of any engagement ring.

As for the groom, a simple and masculine band that is shaped exactly like his bride’s band.

The Pavé Wedding Bands are suitable for diamonds of 0.10-carat and below. The bands are available in both 18K gold and platinum.

Available in:
White Gold Engagement Ring Color Platinum White Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K White Gold Rose Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K Rose Gold
Black Gold Engagement Ring Color Rhodium Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Color 18K Yellow Gold Champagne Gold 18K Champagne Gold

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Feature design: Pavé | Ring size: 5.5 US

Rivera Wedding Bands Drawing - Draco Diamonds

Matching your engagement ring with the Pavé Wedding Bands

“The Pavé Wedding Bands is about endless love. It aims to create a pathway to her heart.”

The Pavé band for the bride features rows of diamonds set closely together. It matches perfectly with most engagement rings with side stones.

It is also suitable for ladies who do not like to wear both the wedding band and engagement ring at the same time. The wedding band by itself is already very captivating.