Time flies, we’re about to end 2018 and journey through new adventures in 2019. This year, we are very thankful to have a small contribution to many couples’ love story. As the year comes to an end, let us look at what was popular through 2018. The data help us to forecast what engagement ring trends we can expect in 2019.

With our build-your-ring service, our couples can customize their engagement rings and wedding bands that they love. Let us look at what type of rings couples build in 2018.

Entwine Engagement Ring

In the ring design segment, the entwine engagement ring represents 34.6% of all the engagement rings we crafted in 2018. Many variations were crafted, from duo-gold (rose and white gold) to single row and double rows of melee diamonds, to the positions that the melee diamonds end (some ended halfway, some at the three-quarter mark).

Fancy Shaped Diamonds

Another trend we see in 2018 is customers are more receptive towards fancy shape diamonds. Fancy shape diamonds represents 19.2% of all the diamonds sold in 2018. We’ve asked the buyers why they chose fancy shaped diamonds and there are two reasons that are cited a lot of times.

First, because round shape diamonds are too mainstream, they wanted something unique. Second, for the same carat size, fancy shaped diamonds are usually 10% to 20% cheaper than its round buddies.

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Gemstone Engagement Ring

When I was walking on the streets, I can’t help but notice that there are more and more ladies wearing gemstone rings on their ring finger. This observation coincides with our sales data. 27.3% of the engagement rings we crafted are using gemstone as the feature stone.

We delved deeper and compiled the top three reasons cited. The first two are similar to the reasons as the fancy shaped diamond purchases, Uniqueness and Price.

The third reason is that the stone holds a special meaning to them. It can be their favourite colour, their birthstone, or a particular stone that represents their love story.

Rose and Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

Here at Draco, we work with 18K Gold (White, Rose, Yellow, Black) and Platinum. As at end of 2018, white gold is still the most popular choice. But we are seeing an increase in the number of rose and yellow gold engagement rings.

Aptly described by a few of our customers, rose gold has a pink tint that makes the ring looks more romantic. Rose gold is in trend now and we can see many jewelleries (costume and fine) displayed are in rose gold when we walk down Orchard Road.

Tailing behind rose gold is the yellow gold. Previously, it was associated as being old fashion, something that our parents and grandparents will wear. But yellow gold is making a comeback, paired with modern ring designs – a modern take on tradition.

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Stacked Rings

Although it only represents 5.7% of our sales currently, many customers are already thinking about the wedding band design when they build their engagement ring with us. Our research showed that it is very popular in countries like the USA. But perhaps in Singapore, the main reason is that for most couples, the engagement date and wedding date are quite far apart.

Build Your Own Engagement Ring

Covering the trends only give an inkling what your loved one might prefer. Ultimately, the engagement ring that you build will have your love story imbued in it. At Draco, you can build your own engagement ring by choosing and matching every component of the engagement ring. It is personal, real, and sincere.

Talk to us to find out more about how to build your engagement ring!

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