A Private Romance

The world of products is moving towards customization to fit our needs and preferences. This is especially true for a diamond engagement ring and wedding bands. We want to create THE ring that holds the little ‘insider story’ shared by only you and your partner. While customization makes the ring special, not everyone is getting a customized engagement ring. Why is that so?

Sometimes it is hard to communicate what we imagined to the jeweller. And when we receive the ring, it does not look quite the same in our mind’s view. Any changes at that point in time will create frustration for both parties. Some jewellers will charge an additional amount due to craft work.

Visualizing A Customized Engagement Ring

Traditional jewellery houses sketch the design out on paper for us to visualize. But for some, this task can be quite challenging.

A friend recounted his experience of buying a customized engagement ring at a traditional jeweller previously. “Well, I wanted to customize an existing ring design to suit her taste and lifestyle. She is a makeup artist and the ring might hinder her when she works. I tried my best describing to them what needs to be changed. After a week, they called me to collect the customized engagement ring. When I saw the ring, the diamond is set too high and requested them to adjust it lower. It took another week for the adjustment. It looked the same when I got the ring the second time. I give up and just accept it as I don’t have much time left.”

This is a result of miscommunication. The solution is to have an effective way to make alterations and an efficient way for us to see the new design.

The New Way to Customize

The computer-aided design (CAD) can be traced back to 1957, and have since helped to design commercial and residential homes, automobiles, and many other products. However, this is a relatively new application for jewellery houses. The shift to CAD allows us to see a piece of jewellery before it is being made. Any alterations can be quickly adjusted in CAD and saved in a 360° view file that can be sent via email or even whatsapp.

In many ways, the design of an engagement ring was limited by the skills of the master craftsman. With CAD, we are pushing the limits with more complex elements.

OnDemand 3D-CAD Customization

Customized Engagement Ring

At Draco Diamonds, we have launched a new service called the OnDemand 3D-CAD Customization. Our chief designer, who is also a CAD specialist, will follow you on the journey of creating a customized engagement ring. There are 2 ways to start the journey. The first way is to tell or show us the engagement ring that you want to create. The second way is to select a piece from our specially curated rings as the base design. In both ways, we will guide you to select the ideal material for the ring and the featured stone (GIA Certified Diamond and Precious Gemstone).

Next, we will build the ring in 3D-CAD and you can see how the customized engagement ring will look like from all angles in 3D. Once all of us are happy with how it looks like, we proceed to 3D-print the ring. You can see, touch, and even wear the 3D prototype.

Finally, we make all the necessary alterations and cast it. Our master craftsman will take it from there and create your very own customized engagement ring.

The OnDemand 3D-CAD Customization has very limited slots available for booking. Contact us to grab the last few slots!