The engagement ring and wedding bands hold a special place in your heart. Especially if they are customized to suit your style and have a special meaning to the design. It’s everybody’s wish to be able to wear it for the rest of our lives. However, they are fine jewellery and will require some form of protection. Here are 5 ways you can protect your rings.

The first layer of protection: Be gentle

As you move through the day, be gentle with the rings and there will be times when it is better to remove the rings.

When you work-out in the gym or play sports, it is a good idea to take them off. The engagement rings and wedding bands are usually crafted in 18K gold or platinum. They are considered soft metals when compared to other materials in the context. Some activities may apply pressure on these metals, changing the ring shape or worse, bending the prongs. A bent prong may result in the diamond falling off.

Another activity that we suggest removing your rings is when you are cleaning the home or office. During this time, the rings may sustain physical damage when it hits tough surfaces like table counters, floors, and etc. Similarly, the fear of loose diamonds and gemstones is real. If the prongs are bent or damage, chances of the diamonds falling are high.

Protect Your Rings - Be Gentle

The second layer of protection: Avoid harmful chemicals

Another reason not to wear rings during cleaning is that some household cleaners like bleach contain harsh chemicals. It will potentially discolour your rings.

Avoid wearing your ring to swim as well. The pools are kept clean and sterile by using chlorine. However, it is not so friendly to the rings, it will damage and discolour the rings with prolonged exposure. Another issue is our fingers may shrink due to the cold waters. Before you know it, the rings will just… disappear.

The third layer of protection: Stay clear of beauty products

Although the substances and chemicals in cosmetics, hair sprays and perfumes are not as damaging, they will stick onto your diamonds and gemstones. It accumulates into a layer of grime which reduce the brilliance and shine.

That goes the same for your day and night routines. Lotions and moisturizers will add on to the layer and further reduce the shine. Remember that diamonds and gemstones are natural magnets to grease and oil.

The fourth layer of protection: Basic maintenance at home

Maintenance improves the longevity of the rings, and this concept works for most things in the world. There is basic maintenance which you can DIY at home and we have you covered in our previous article.

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Recommended to clean it once a fortnight, or a month, or whenever you feel the ring accumulates too much grease and oil.

The fifth layer of protection: Revisit your jeweller

After a while, you’ll realize that no matter how you clean the ring at home, it is not as shiny as it used to be. When that happens, visit your jeweller. At the jeweller’s hand, they will first check for any loose stones and repair the ring if needed. Next, the diamonds and gemstones will be cleaned, and the ring will be polished.

There are different views on how often we should do this. Some say once every 6 months (like visiting the dentist). For us, once a year will be good enough.

Protect Your Rings - Visit Your Jewellers

We try to protect your rings too

Here at Draco, we craft rings that will last lifetimes. With proper care and maintenance, we can protect the rings from damage. However, there will still some unforeseen situations that damage your rings. Be it a fallen diamond or scratches, bring your ring back to us and we will try our best to reinstate it to its original glory.


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