I changed; we all do. Due to a multitude of reasons, we may have gained or shed some weights and our ring size changes. When that happens, you may need to resize your engagement ring and wedding bands to continue wearing them. Ring resizing is a common operation and can be executed on most ring designs.

Before deciding whether to resize or not to resize, let us define how would a decent ring fit feel on your finger. Your ring should feel just a tad tight and be sure that your finger doesn’t turn purple! You should be able to wear the ring smoothly, but experience some friction when removing it.

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Did you know that our fingers change size throughout the day? If the tightness is too uncomfortable after wearing your ring for a few days, that means it is time for some resizing.

Ring resize – smaller size

When reducing the ring size, we usually snip out a small piece of gold at the bottom of the band and solders both ends together. After polishing, it will normally leave no traces of resizing if it is within half a size (we’re using US ring sizing here).

At times when the size difference is too much, there will be some minute aftereffects. First, from the through finger view, the ring may look like an oval or what we call an egg shape. Second, if there are melee diamonds set on the band, they may become loose. There is a risk of the diamonds falling off from an impact on the ring.

Ring resize – larger size

Depending on the ring design and the difference in sizes, we select one of the two procedures to enlarge the ring size. The first procedure is called stretching.

This procedure only works if two specific conditions are met. The first condition is the size change needs to be minimal. For instance, only a quarter size larger. The second condition is the rings are crafted by us or adheres to a healthy ring thickness.

Now imagine, the amount of gold remains unchanged when we stretch the ring. As the ring size gets larger, the thickness reduces. This procedure cost the least, but there are not that many situations when both conditions are met.

The second procedure is similar to the process of reducing the ring size. Instead of cutting off a small piece, we add a small piece to the ring and join all four ends together. As compared to the first method, the cost of this procedure is higher because of the additional materials.

What you need to know about ring resizing

We’ve seen it many times. When a lady is proposed with the engagement ring, she doesn’t want to part with it for long. Time is of the essence for a ring to be resized. The time taken to resize a ring varies between one to five days, depending on the ring design and type of procedure.

Did you know that resizing is not suitable for all rings? It is so important to discuss the possibility of resizing during the design phase. Ring designs such as the eternity bands, tension engagement rings, and rings inset with delicate gems are not suitable for resizing.

Here at Draco, we like to discuss the resizing potentials for your rings, especially if the ring is a secret gift and we can’t measure her ring size directly.


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