On a cool night in September last year, we received a message. A message that made us grateful and excited – a chance for us to be part of the love story of a lovely couple. It took us about two months from conceptualization to the creation of the engagement ring. The journey to creating THE ring is a fun and enjoyable one.

The Love Story

After the proposal, we’ve in contact again in hope of creating more special moments for Raymond and Jolyn. Something that is meaningful and memorable – a couple photo shoot. Here’s a glimpse of their love story:

How did you get to know each other?

HIM: I first saw her at a dance studio where she visited her friend who was a staff at the studio. She caught my attention but I didn’t get a chance to speak to her. Fast forward a few months, lady luck smiled at me. She signed a dance package with the studio and there was my chance.

What was your first impression of him?

HER: It was during photo taking at a mutual friend’s dance performance. Seeing that I shied away and stood at the back of the group, he shouted at me to stand at the front as I’m not tall. Provocative yet funny, that was how I noticed him.

How did you know you had fallen in love with her?

HIM: Her bright smile and cheerful personality always bring happiness and colours to my life. I’m glad I took the first step for she has left a mark on my heart since the first time we met.

What was the most memorable date you’ve had together?

HER: Our first date night at Marina Bay East 5 years back. That night, we sat on a bench and talked about everything under the moon. A romantic night to remember, that was the first time we held hands.

Tell us something about your fiancée that people may not know

HIM: Through time, I realized that beneath her beautiful face lies a kind, thoughtful, and good-natured person, especially towards animals. These are traits that make her a big-hearted person, and I love her for that.

When did you realise that he/she is the one for you?

HER: He shares his food with me, feeds me, and leaves the last piece for me; that must be true love.

HIM: I know she’s the one for me because she is a better version of me. I love her for loving and accepting me for who I am.

Tell us about your proposal – when did you start planning, how was the process like?

HIM: The planning of the proposal took place 6 months before our trip to Finland. The plan was to propose under the dancing aurora if we were fortunate enough to be graced by good weather.

I chanced upon Draco Diamonds while searching for proposal rings, and decided to customize the special ring for my fiancée. It took many rounds of scrutiny and rendering before we finalised on the perfect one. The outcome was impressive.

During the trip, I brought it along with me everywhere we went and was trying to find the perfect opportunity to pop the question. Finally, the moment came (although there was no aurora), and she said yes!

What is the one thing you would like to say to her?

HIM: “The ‘insurance policy’ with me, dated 2013, will guarantee you a lifetime of bliss and happiness. I love you, my soulmate, my life partner, my sweetheart!”

Our heartiest congratulations to Raymond and Jolyn!

Starting 2019, we’ve created a new section on our blog called the Memoirs of love, where we feature some of the love stories that we have collected. Stay tuned for more love stories!


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