In December 2018, we got a request to customize a pair of wedding bands for a lovely couple. Through the customization journey, we listened to their love story, explored many designs, shared memories, and became friends. The goal was to create a pair of wedding bands that they love and somewhat represents them.

On a random morning after we finished crafting the rings, she told me this:

“It’s like my fiance is a simple person and his ring represents his personality. My ring represents me too, I think. There is a simple side of me, and at the same time, there is also a vain side of me. That part of me that loves shiny objects and tiny details.”

This was the moment all of us knew that we found the most ideal design for the wedding bands.

The Love Story of Alex and Mayjuin

Fast forward to April 2019, we have the opportunity to have a photoshoot together. We are very grateful for the spontaneity and managed to catch a glimpse of their story. This is the love journey of Alex and Mayjuin, whose story is probably the best rendition of the ever-popular phrase, love is in the air.

How did you meet/get to know each other?

HIM & HER: We knew each other through Singapore Airlines. We were colleagues at that time and first met while working on the same flight. I still remember it was a very long flight from Singapore to Hong Kong, and then bound for San Francisco.

What is the first thing that attracted you to him/her?

HIM: She is very outgoing. I’m usually the quieter one, so her personality kind of brings us closer. I don’t know why, but whenever I’m with her, my day feels better.  

HER: The first thing that made my heart skip a beat was when he smiled at me. And oh, that dimples!  

How do you feel during your first date?

HIM: Very, very, excited.

HER: *Roll eyes* with his answer. We have been together for too long. I can’t even remember clearly how I felt that day. Maybe… also very, very, excited?

What are the top 3 qualities that you love about her/him?

HIM: It’s a secret.

HER: *Roll eyes* again. For me, the first quality is his height. Second, his calmness when he handles all sorts of situation. Lastly, he is wise and knowledgeable.

When did you realize that you’ll want to spend the rest of your life together?

HIM & HER: After a while, we realized we can’t live without each other. That’s probably the most definitive indicator that we want to be together for the rest of our life.  

What was the inspiration behind the wedding band designs?

HIM & HER: There isn’t much inspiration actually. We prefer to go for a simple design and rings that can be worn comfortably on a day-to-day basis. Something classy, simple, and pretty much symbolize us as a couple.

What is your dream honeymoon like?

HIM & HER: The dream honeymoon is definitely a long road trip across many countries! To experience many different cultures, to taste many different foods, and to see many different sceneries for the first time. An adventure just for the two of us.

Once again, our heartiest congratulations to Alex and Mayjuin!

This is the second story recorded in our Memoirs of lovewhere we feature some of the love stories that we have collected. Stay tuned for more love stories!


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